Übersetzung - Traduction - Translation


Professional translation prices depend on the degree of difficulty of the text to be translated. As a rule invoicing is per line. I charge between €1.10 and €1.90 per target text line of 55 characters including spaces in Word format. This is subject to a 30% surcharge for quick translations and work at weekends and at night.

I charge €30.00 for notarial attestation of a translation plus p+p (registered mail etc.).

A lump sum price can be negotiated for very large translations.

My minimum rate for a translation is €50.00.

If you want several translations in a specific field then I can create a terminology list I’d be happy to supply you with if you wish. This ensures clarity and consistency.

As German’s my mother tongue and the language I am most fluent in I only translate from French and English into German. I can recommend competent colleagues should you need translations in the opposite directions.

I need the French or English source text, which you can send me by e-mail, to draft a cost estimate for you. In such case the price is based on the number of words in the source text. I charge between €0.12 and €0.20 per word depending on complexity. The date of delivery of the target text is part of my cost estimate. All text sent me will of course be treated as confidential.